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Private Parties At Your Location

We specialize in private parties at your location!! :)

Our corporate event partners

We do parties at your location for groups of 10 to 200+

The cost for a 2 hour private event at your location is:

  1. $50 per person with a 15 person minimum on Sunday-Thursday plus $300 Travel Fee
  2. $50 per person with a 25 person minimum on Friday-Saturday plus $300 Travel Fee
  3. $1395 for 30 people or less ($40 each additional person) plus $300 Travel Fee
  4. For an event of 50 or more people: $2195 for the first 50 people ($30 for each additional person) plus $300 Travel Fee

We make it easy and fun!!

The price includes everything needed for the session, canvas, paint, paintbrushes, aprons, instructor, great music, etc. Each painter takes home the canvas they paint at the end of the event! (We just need you to provide tables and chairs.)

You can choose the painting for your group to paint from our Gallery which you can view here.

Start times are available at your convenience based on availability.

Please be in touch to book your private event at your location!

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