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A Spectacular Spring Weekend at Paint & Sip Studio NYMay 19, 2015 - Posted in Uncategorized

We partied the weekend away at Paint & Sip Studio NY this weekend! Check out our favorite photos from the fun-filled classes and then find out how you can take advantage of our May special offer.

Here on the Upper West Side, spring is definitely in session! We love the way the neighborhood truly transforms with the arrival of warmer weather. The streets are once more replenished with friends, family and neighbors, and everyone has one mission on their mind – to have a good time!

That’s exactly why we here at Paint & Sip Studio NY are so excited to bring a fun, entertaining and relaxing new activity to the Upper West Side. Our B.Y.O.B studio has been rocking recently, and we couldn’t resist recapping the awesome Paint & Sip parties from the weekend.

Check out a few of our favorite photos below, and don’t forget to take advantage of our Buy One Get One deal that’s ending on May 31st. You can click here to view the Paint & Sip Studio NY class calendar that includes daily featured paintings. Then use code PAINTWITHFRIEND3 upon checkout. See you soon!

Moonlit Trees – May 15th
Next Moonlit Trees Class – June 11th

moonlit trees moonlit trees2 moonlit trees3 moonlit trees4

As we previously mentioned, we’re obsessed with spring and all the beauty that it brings. One of the things we love most about the Upper West Side is the stunning trees and flowers that line the city streets. We’re assuming our Friday night guests have been feeling similarly in awe of spring’s splendor, especially after painting Moonlit Trees that features beautiful pink buds. To make the night even more magical, we were commemorating a birthday and an engagement. Cheers to celebrating spring and new beginnings!

Starry Manhattan – May 16th
Next Starry Manhattan Class – June 6th

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Starry Manhattan is inspired by one of art icon Vincent Van Gogh’s most beloved masterpieces – Starry Night. We think this modern spin on Van Gogh’s classic, featuring the spectacular New York City skyline, is the perfect way to pay homage to the Big Apple. Our guests had such a fantastic Saturday night creating their own original paintings, and we can certainly say that everyone went home feeling like an accomplished artist.

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